Sunday, August 28, 2005

4 Lists of 7 Things

Ghost Dog, over at Gone Ronin, tagged me. It's seven lists of seven things. I planned this to be a mobile photo blog, so I'll answer some of them with pictures. I'm guessing he may be surprised at some of the answers... I'll plead the 5th on some others! 7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

  1. Marry my partner of 16 years so that we finally get the 1000s of legal rights that others take for granted. Drinking Guiness while waiting for a train in Ireland The UK is ahead in his regard (via BBC).
  2. Get politically enfranchised again (become a US Citizen). I miss being able to vote and fully participate in the society in which I've chosen to live.
  3. Visit the southern hemisphere.
  4. Learn to Ski
  5. Contribute to a major open source software project.
  6. Own a dog. Otis covered in Vanilla Cream after stealing donuts
7 Things I Can Do
  1. Write Software, such as this camera-winning java-based TiVo application, Flickr Central - Java Application to browse Flickr from your TiVo or this Pocket PC math toy.
  2. Sing (in the shower)
  3. A little Math (I was a math major) (See 2 below).
  4. Exercise every day (for 15 weeks I've been doing this - see next item).
  5. Lose 12 lbs in 15 weeks (I'm working on getting my BMI below 25.0 - current BMI is 26.11).
  6. Take 3D pictures (technically, red-cyan anaglyphs). 3D: Benches outside the Acadamy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park
  7. Integrate all manner of equipment (TV,computer, stereo, iPod, TiVo, Xbox, car stereo, camera, cell phone, Pocket PC, microwave oven).
7 Things I Cannot Do
  1. Resist cute cats and dogs.
  2. Mental Arithmetic (eh? See 3 above!) "Arithmetic is to mathmatics as typing is to literature".
  3. Throw or catch a ball (I failed basic throwing in elementary school!).
  4. Get a tan (I go from white to red).
  5. Rock climbing, absailing etc. (I have done it, but never again!).
  6. Watch movies shot with a steady cam without feeling queasy. (In the case of Three Kings, this actually resulted in a "technicolor yawn"). This probably means I'll never be an astronaut.
  7. Relate to very young unknown children when they are unexpectedly introduced. ("Er, Choochie coo?").
  8. Later in the same day - bonus item: I can't spell, judging by the typos I just corrected in this post!
7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex Not applicable. See the first items above! 7 Things That I Say Most Often
  1. "Thats odd!".
  2. "A grande soy latte, please" (I've been fully assimulated into the Northwest lifestyle).
  3. "Where is my [insert lost item]?".
  4. "Cute dog!" (cat, or computer).
  5. "I'm a bit late!".
  6. "I have to eat now" (when I get in at 7pm).
  7. "I don't do different" (ironic).
7 Celebrity Crushes I plead the 5th. 7 People I Want To Do This None of them have blogs!


MikeyPDX said...

Well, I have to say I am surprised you plan to own a dog. Figured you for a cat person. ;)

Major Clanger said...

Ha ha! I like both kinds of animals. Don’t have a dog because I don’t want to leave it at home shut up all day, and my yard is not dog friendly. I still take the neighbor’s dog for walks because its fun (the one in the picture, Otis, who I used to look after).

MikeyPDX said...

That was the thing you thought would surprise me, right? ;)

Antonio said...

Hi Andy,

nice blog!

clairee said...

hello little bro..

hope you are ok. im trying to lose wiehg too.. being in a full leg cast and not doing much for 6 weeks makes the weight pile on. im allowed to do gentle running now which is bliss!! Jans daughter has a treadmill which i try and use every other day.. its helped strengthen my legs and knee alot.


hope all is ok over there and that your back is getting better ;-) x x