Friday, December 30, 2005

Arrived in UK: already in a pub!

Arrived in UK: already in a pub!
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This is a cell phone picture of my little sister in a pub in Kent. It is snowing outside! How did I get here?

My Dad picked me up from Gatwick, after an uneventful flight. It was snowing, with snow on the road and very bad visiblity (fog in places), but we made it back, I'm glad I wasn't driving on the left in the snow.

This picture is in "The Red Dog", next to a church in which my Dad & sister are about to "ring a quarter" (ringing a complex combination of the bells in the tower. It sounded like wedding bells to me). Bell ringing always involves beer first.

(Hate jet lag - fell asleep @ 6pm - now its 11 and I'm awake!)

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