Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Most Interesting Pictures on Flickr

My Most Interesting Pictures
Originally uploaded by Major Clanger.

Flickr has the concept of "Interesting". This appears to be a property based on how often a picture is viewed, how many comments it has and how many people call it a favorate. I think there is a feedback loop here: getting on the interesting list for a day will make it more interesting...

1. Hello!, 2. Cat Scan, 3. Cat Reaches Out, 4. Pylons, 5. Never be so open minded..., 6. Phonecam: Misspelled Sign on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Portland, 7. Holding Hands with Lenin, 8. The Cat and the Squirrel, 9. Crater Lake Panorama, 10. Phonecam: Magnetic Button, 11. Bang!, 12. A Joshua Tree, 13. Flash!, 14. Space Needle Reflected, 15. Old Cat Cam: Reflection, 16. Portrait of a Nude Cat, 17. Disneyland "It's a Small World" Panorama, 18. Blue Lake, 19. Portland Rose Festival Fireworks, 20. Sunset Surfer, Cannon Beach, Oregon, 21. 3D: Mars, 22. Horrible Example, 23. The Space Needle Reflected, 24. View-master slide, lit from behind, 25. Wet Peppers, 26. Disney's California Adventure Reflection, 27. "Andy", 28. "Ken", 29. Panorama of Crater Lake, 30. Out house!, 31. Butterfly on Park Ranger's Shoulder, 32. Water, 33. Water Colors, 34. fb9e92f8, 35. fb9e82a8, 36. f7b8af3b, 37. da Vince Days: Ambulance coming out of the Willamette, 38. Autumn Harvest, 39. Coke Balloon Deflates, 40. Phonecam: Magnetic Button Version 2.0, 41. Phonecam: 6 week old puppy called "Syncro", 42. Racoon, 43. Oregon Coast, 44. Jack-O'-Lantern Thru Condensation, 45. Extra Wide Panorama of the Red Floor Inside the Seattle Public Library, 46. 3D: Freemont Troll, Seattle, 47. 3D: Inside Seattle Public Library, 48. Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum Building

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