Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Text Crazy!

Text Crazy!
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(Cambridge phone box which you can text from).

Everyone here in the UK is text message crazy. When I was looking at the online train timetables there was the option to have you itinerary texted to your phone. Before I came over I had my phone "unlocked" and my little sister gave me a SIM card. I've had several "wrong number" texts while I've been here, but no wrong number calls (no, they weren't for her!).

Here's the first one, on new year's day:

"ope u ad a gd time lst nite i feel prpr bad da smornin ow r u? Dec xxxx"

I replied saying they had the wrong number. They responded:

"rite did u go 2 rorys prty or did u knw any1 who went or knw a grl caled amy wiv blak hair?"

I wasn't at that party! The next one is funnier...

"?ey,have u got my yves saint laurent concealer,cz it was in the bag i lent u,thought u may have pickd it up by mistake.? x x x"

I dunno what that was all about either. Lots of kisses!

Texting on new years eve is funny because the networks get clogged up. Here is the pre-new year message being passed around:

"?4 the Sun sets on 2005, b4 the memories fade, b4 the networks get jammed & b4 I get drunk & lose my phone, I'm wishing U a Very ?appy & prosperous 2006!"

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MikeyPDX said...

Funny! Sounds like you're having a good trip, keep up the posting & pics!