Friday, June 30, 2006

When the Max dies, try cycling all the way home instead!

Max on the Steel Bridge
Originally uploaded by Major Clangr.

The Max had a power outage again on Friday - I seems like there has been a problem every day this week.

On Friday the train stopped at Orenco, the driver announced that there was a train in every station all the way to Sunset and we would just have to wait was they turned around and came back. However... I had been meaning to try to see how hard it would be to cycle all the way home, and starting from Orenco is pretty close to all the way home.

Problems: I don't know the way; it is very hot (I have no water); my bag is heavy (laptop etc) and I'm already very tired. I like a challenge!

I managed to guess my way to cycling to Elmonica, and then I looked at the map at the station. Baseline will take me to Jenkins which I can use to get more-or-less to Beaverton Transit Center and then I know the way from there...

I passed the sights of Beaverton: Nike Headquarters, very smelly roadkill (huge dead racoon in the bike lane), 45 mph roads with no bike lanes, the Round and Beaverton Transit Center. I never noticed before, but the bike lanes on highway 10 start at the moment you enter the City of Portland. Why does Beaverton hate cyclists?

Summary: 14 miles extra on my bike. Very thirsty and exhausted. I'll never choose that route again... I wonder if there is a better route...


MikeyPDX said...

Hehe...I see you changed the post title...I wouldn't have been peeved! Besides, mine is 'Pitfalls', not 'Perils' :)

Bummer you had to ride all that way in the heat with no water. Bet you'll be getting a water bottle or a camelbak soon. The only thing wrong with my new laptop backpack is there's no sleeve for my camelbak reservior. Not sure I'll be riding a portion of my commute for a while. I haven't decided if it would be worth it to fix my old mountain bike and finish the commuter-conversion. We'll see.

You would think Beaverton liked cyclists - there are two bike shops within a short walk of the Round!

Major Clanger said...

Hi Ghost Dog - I changed the title 'cause it was too close to yours which was just not very creative of me. I considered just copying yours too. I often change my blog entries just after I've posted them.

In general, Beaverton wasn't too bad, I didn't optimize my route as I didn't know what the best way would be. It is strange that the bike lane on highway 10 just ends at the city line - I don't see a reason for it. I'l probably never cycle that way again unless I really have to.

My usual route has a speed limit of 25mph. and I can usually, er, match it or better going down! 45mph roads are not so much fun... :-(