Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back in PDX, took a few pictures...

London in the Fog
Originally uploaded by Major Clanger.

So we are finally back in PDX fron the UK, probably too jet-lagged to stay up tonight, but after two weeks of visiting I'm not too bothered about one early night.

The journey back was not fun: 2 and a 1/2 hours in the line for security at Gatwick - door-to-door (Cambridge UK to Hillsdale OR) it took 24 hours. We had special searching from the Dept. of Ag. because of the food we brought back (pickles, mostly), and after customs you have to go thru security again, so you must remember to re-pack your duty free you just bought in the checked luggage as suddenly it isn't safe any more (it was safe accross the Atlantic!).

The nice thing was that the pet sitting neighbors left milk,eggs,bread and juice which was very welcome indeed.

(Blogged from my Nintendo DS, using their Opera web browser, not available in the US, probably won't post from it again, keyboard is awkward, browsing is quite nice).

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