Saturday, January 20, 2007

Surprise Chelsea Buns came in the mail!

We got a very, very nice surprise on Friday, a little bit of England arrive in the mail. A slightly heavy small box sent via airmail...

Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun by mail
Which turned out of be four Fitzbillies Chelsea buns from our good friends The Wartnabies! How very nice indeed.
Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun by mail
We heated up two of 'em and ate 'em after dinner, while watching an Inspector Morse from Netflix. Very, very tasty indeed, it brought back so many memories of the 5 years we lived in Cambridge.
Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun by mail
Adam, my room mate (now moved back to NZ) worked in Fitzbillies for a while and we'd often take visitors there. It is opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum, which we visited in January. We didn't make it to Fitzbillies so this was a special treat.
Thanks Very Much Clare, Charie, Georgie and Ros, what a lovely surprise!


Anonymous said...

yum yum
are you allowed to send food to usa?!!

Major Clanger said...

It clearly said cakes onteh customs form! They seem more concerned about fresh fruit than cakes.

nobleviola said...

I feel like I stumbled upon a Hogwarts student's blog, with all the unusual Anglo names!