Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I've been Boing Boing'd!

My panorama's of the Reed College flags have been mentioned on Boing Boing - one of the most visited blogs in the 'verse. 360 Panorama: Reed College War Memorial and Protest Fame at last! Pity I'm at home sick so I can't really enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. :-(

Update 1: As mentioned on Boing Boing: The numbers are derived from the highly controversial Lancet study that used unverified sampling methodology. Iraq Body Count, which documents verifiable deaths, currently places the number of civilians killed at over an order of magnitude less—at maximum, 64,444. This is why I mentioned that I wasn't sure if the numbers were correct. See here. Also, I feel I should point out that the red flags were not distributed evenly amongst the white; there was a large square of them.

Update 2: There is some debate at BB as to if these numbers are good or not, it seems that the controversy could be more political than scientific . Their methodology may not have been so suspect...see This American Life.

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