Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things they don't tell you when you go skiiing for the first time

Riding the (tiny) Ski-lift back to the top
(View of Mount Hood from Bruno Ski Lift)
  1. It's a different world up there, like the rules of physics were replaced with more slippery ones.
  2. Try not to lose your ski pass while being distracted by equipement. (I found it again!).
  3. The boots come in half sizes. (My big toes hurt all day - I wasn't sure if that was normal, really I needed a half size bigger).
  4. The bunny slope is the most crowded part of the resort.
  5. Some ski instructors are experienced, patient and helpful. continuing to give you tips and help after the lesson is over. (Unlike some snowboard instructors I could mention).
  6. How do you decide to leave the bunny slope and go on a real one?
  7. The "Pucci" run in Timberline isn't totally an easy "green" slope. Part of it is blue. There is no green slope all the way to the bottom. It seems very, very steep compared to Bruno.
  8. Light snow is great fun to fall into.
  9. The "Pucci" run is fantastic fun in light of (8) and (4) especially if you have a little confidence and don't care about throwing yourself down if you feel out of control, and you have some more experienced friends to encourage you (I only threw myself down 3 or 4 times!).
  10. The "Pucci" run is scary and not fun if you aren't quite ready and you don't want your friends to watch. (One of our party not have a good time on that slope, we waited at the end).
  11. Bruno seems tame after Pucci, but there is nothing in between, and so even the people who didn't like Pucci realized that Bruno is dull but Pucci is still to advanced.
  12. They forgot to tell us about sunburn. I look like a raccoon now, and my face hurts more than my legs, back and toes ache!
  13. Another go on the mountain with some more lessons is a MUST, especially a lesson on a real slope.
(Update: looking at the map today, it seems there are easier runs (e.g. Glade). Next time we'll check the map!)


MikeyPDX said...

I wish I'd known you were up there. I'd have tried to find you. Glade will take you over to the Stormin' Norman lift, but Blossom would get you back to the lodge from the top of Norman. Also, the upper part of Thunder is green, and you could take West Leg Road down to the bottom of Pucci. It's a winding route, but pretty easy going.

Do let me know when your next trip is. Maybe I'll be patrolling again.

Anonymous said...

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