Saturday, February 09, 2008

Got Domesticated!

Got Domesticated!
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Oregon's new Domestic Partner Law suddenly came into effect on Monday (yeah!) but we couldn't get hitched then as we the prof had to teach. So we made plans to do it first thing on Tuesday so he could go to work in the afternoon.

But the plans had to change as our car broke down. I had it towed away on Monday night. So, I went by bus and the prof cycled down to the county offices which are over the river from our house. We got there just before it opened and so were the first ones in line, but actually there wasn't a big crowd. It was really cold and wet, not a nice day at all. There was a bunch of very helpful volunteers there to help out (the form needed to be notarized by a volunteer), but we had all the forms printed and filled out online, so we just chatted with the volunteers until the doors opened. Then we went to the clerk who stamped it and gave us certified copies. It was a bit like going to the Post Office! On the way out the volunteers all clapped and we exchanged some rings (Ken doesn't like to wear rings so he has the option to wear his on a choker). They took a photo for us but I don't like it much... then we went to work - I was only an hour late!

Now we get to be able to visit each other in hospital if we ever needed to. The ring feels funny, and will probably vanish in a puff of smoke when we cross state lines.

p.s. the car has been fixed.


bridgeout said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! Good read... I chuckled at the line "it was a bit like going to the post office"... we felt a bit of that we well. :-)

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Thanks, GD!