Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Ships 2005

Christmas Ships 2005 - Moving Fire Engine
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We went to take a look at the Christmas Ships in an attempt to get into the Chritmas mood. It was very cold and icy on the Willamette river front, but the ships were fun. I'm surprised that more people weren't down there looking at them - there were just a few families with kids, all trying to take flash pictures. I took my small camera and a mini-tripod, but it was hard to get anything worth keeping. There were two that I liked - the one at the top and this one:
Christmas Ships 2005

The top one is of a moving fire engine, he had a huge siren and loud-hailer, which did help get more attention for the ships even if it was a little annoying. Still not in the mood yet, maybe seeing This Wonderful Life tonight will help.

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