Monday, December 19, 2005

Cold grey slush @ Beaverton TC

Cold grey slush @ Beaverton TC
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Snow day notes:

I left the house early, as I thought the walk to the bus stop would take longer in the "snow". This was quite an achievement, I thought, as I got up late and feel like I have a cold coming on. First mistake: left cell phone at home, and my scarf, which was really annoying as I especially need them on days like this, but it was too late to walk back on the slippery unpaved roads.

The bus stop wasn't much fun - too cold. Fast trucks sprayed grey slush on my cold feet. Street lights were flickering on and off. Out-of-service busses zoom by. No cell to call Tri-Met. Finally my bus came 15 minutes late, and only 2 passengers on board, and a broken front sign so I had to ask to be sure of the number. I wonder why I'm trying so hard and if anyone else will be at work.

The bus is slow; grit on the road makes a strange sound on the low floor. The coffee tastes great!

2 people are smoking under the no smoking signs at Beaverton TC - I guess those rules don't apply when it snows, just like not needing to follow the lines on the road.

The train was all steamed up and uneventful, if a little more crowdwd. Except... there was a familiar ringing sound from deep within my bag... found the phone.

(Blogged from my Pocket PC as a test, I'll be mob-blogging from the UK in Jan...)

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MikeyPDX said...

People smoke at the 181st stop as well - right in front of the sign.