Friday, January 12, 2007

It's a sign!

Comet McNaught cropped Originally uploaded by Major Clanger.

This is Comet McNaught over Gabriel Park, Portland, Oregon. We got to the hill about 10 minutes before sunset, and then about 25 other people turned up with binoculars. The tail was very visible. Just before we left (about 5:30) a man turned up with a telescope and son in tow but he was too late, the time in the Oregonian had been wrong! Here is a bigger version:

Comet McNaught, seen from Gabriel Park, Portland, Oregon Here is one with an airplane (to the right and above the aircraft): Comet McNaught, a Sunset and an Airplane


MikeyPDX said...

Nifty shots. Sky looks great.

Major Clanger said...

Thanks! It is amazing how Picassa improves the colors to be perfect!