Saturday, January 13, 2007



I moved the blog to my own domain, as the domain wasn't getting used much, and I might as well use it. I also didn't like the name of the old blog very much, the domain name is funnier.

Update 1: Originally I tried hosting the blog myself, but it is already too big! I'm editing this post as I try different things. Right now I've set up a new domain so that the will work. Currently I'm waiting for the DNS changes to propagate; once they are done I'll make the switch. The link won't work until I do!

Update 2: After a couple of hours the subdomain started to work, so I did do it right. I'm going to delete all the files from my ISP as blogger is actually hosting them still. Links to the old page will still work too, so this is pretty groovy. Google rocks!

Update 3: And I changed the name of the blog. Why not? It has been 3 years now, and I feel like a change.

Taken in Canterbury, England: Wolves are Mean

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